Senfoni Autonomous Conversion Kit
Autonomize your new or existing material handling vehicles such pallet stackers and reach trucks as well as forklifts.

mf7 - autonomous forklift / pallet stacker

Meet our MF7 AGVs autonomized by Senfoni Conversion KIT. MF7 is equipped with Natural Navigation technology and does not require infrastructural changes.

MK6 - warehouse & library robots

RFID equipped and voice communication capable MK6 warehouse and library robots handle your inventory & security management

Reduces Costs

Senfoni reduces costs and increases productivity of companies working two or three shifts.

Industry 4.0

Meet our solutions combining new generation software and hardware together with IoT (Internet of Things) technologies.

ımproves work security

MF7 equipped with various security systems. It prevents work accidents caused by human faults and creates safer work environment.

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