Symphony – Autonomous Forklift / Transpalet

Symphony Autonomous Vehicle Conversion Kit; autonomizes your new or old vehicles such forklifts, reach trucks or pallet stackers. 24 hours operating capable converted vehicles offer below indicated benefits for your company:

  • Reduces work accidents caused by human faults. It improves work safety.
  • Reduces operator costs.
  • Ensures compatibility of your company’s internal logistics’ processes with your central ERP as well as new Industry 4.0 technologies.
  • Ensures uninterrupted and correct delivery along 3 shifts according your logistics & production plans.
  • Increases client satisfaction.
  • Autonomous vehicles anticipate preventive maintenance thanks to instantaneous data they share with central system. They avoid maintenance and man/power costs.
  • Autonomous vehicles reduce warehouse costs thanks to instantenous inventory data they provide about company’s inventory status and its production processes.